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Investment deals that are subject to a IT due diligence process have a higher chance of success. IT due diligence creates evidence-based reporting that contributes to making informed decisions by driving the quality of information available to decision makers. This article covers the basics of the due diligence process.

While the activity of playing video games can be seen as trivial and frivolous, the industry around developing, and publishing video games is now big business. There are 2.7 Billion video game players around the world, one third of the population of the planet, creating global revenues of £160Billion by the end of 2020, and the sector is still growing. A compound annual growth rate of 12% is forecast between 2020 and 2025, is an indication that there is a lot of room for the sector to continue to grow.

Makerspaces are physical locations with donated equipment that members can use to develop new skills and to further develop personal DIY or creative projects. Arguably, they have been around for decades; just in the background. The new trend towards community enterprise and the rise of the makerspace has me positioning this as a real hidden gem within the broader entrepreneurial sector, but am I right?