If you’re staring down the barrel of a technical due diligence investigation for the first time, the prospect can be daunting. The VC has brought in a specialist to dig down to the core of your business and you’re quite rightly feeling vulnerable and nervous. The following article is aimed at helping you understand what is happening and how to deal with it calmly and objectively.

We're sometimes afraid to use "No" even when we know its the right word to use. Using No can turn a negative into a positive, this article looks at that idea.

You can spend valuable time in meetings that provide no benefit. This article looks at how to manage your involvement with meetings and how to get some value for the time invested.

More work than your team can manage can be difficult. Outsourcing might be the cure, but its not a silver bullet. This article looks at the scenarios around outsourcing.

Many tech business founders feel they dont need a mentor.. This article looks at the pros and cons of having an advisor in the early stages.

Would a tech start-up do better if the non technical founders learned to code? This article looks at the pros and cons of a management team that could.

The language of business can be complex and using the wrong term expensive. This article looks at the terms Warrenty, Indemnity and Guarentee.

When is the right time to form a board for your start-up? This article looks at the pros and cons of bringing board members in early versus later.

There are always difficult choices, but avoiding the bigger issues makes sense. Here is an overview of those seven dealiy problems in developing new software.